The Beginning of Something New

Greetings, Readers.

This is my first post of my latest blog. I used to blog at An Alien Parisienne when I lived in Paris. You can either read more at my About page here or my latest post at my old blog to learn why I am starting another blog here in Denver.

I have found that my life has been a series of “do-overs”: chances to begin again.

“I call do-overs!”

Renew, refurbish, re-do, rebuild, redesign, remake, repeat (but hopefully only the good stuff, not the bad stuff).

I have had to start again.

I discovered just about four years ago when I began my blog about Paris that blogging is an act of engaging with life, with words, with people, and with places.

I really want to do that here in Denver also.

A couple of things. First, I know that the blog URL looks like “doovers” in Denver. I learned the most entertaining thing about the word “doovers” just now, however.

The Urban Dictionary says about “doover“:

Something unspecified whose name is either forgotten or not known. Australian slang.
1. I found the doover out by the car.
2. Where’s that doover I use to clean the computer screen.
3. Have you seen my yellow er… the round, yellow er… doover?

There are some other “entertaining” meanings of it as well. Gotta love Urban Dictionary…

But it is appropriate in this situation as well. I think of the word “doover” in American slang as “thingy.” So maybe think about this blog in terms of “Thingies in Denver”, in other words: “Things to Do in Denver When You Are Alive.” (A nod to this. And thanks to my “name twin” in Paris who thought of that. It’s not so far off, either. This is a bit like Afterlife — from Paris — Advice to myself. Maybe you will get something out of it, too.)

Let’s see what it is that I can come up with for how I am getting my feet back on the ground again, a mile high.

Over and out.




  1. Thank you, everybody! I’m hoping that I can get more into the do-over part soon. Got the noggin’ thinking about what I might try. We’ll see…

    • Darnit! I swear I left a response to this comment, Carole, but I do not see one here! I know I watched the video. 🙂

      Thank you. Just like those bells at Notre Dame… That was pretty spectacular to hear from the people who posted on Facebook and elsewhere. I should share one of those posts here.


    • Thank you, Vagabonde! I hope that my lucky star smiles on me as well. Usually she does, eventually! Sometimes I think I need to be in a dark place for a while in order to recognize her shining smile once it shows. 😉

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